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ISNetworld Account Management

Table of Contents
Who Is ISNetworld?
Account Management
OSHA Safety Programs
ISNetworld Consultant

Who Is ISNetworld?

ISNetworld® the global leader for helping hiring clients connect with qualified contractors and suppliers. ISNetworld® provides hiring clients a standardized way to meet the health and safety compliance, insurance auditing, safety programs and other company information for hiring clients to conveniently review and grade all in one place. Many companies struggle to meet the intensive questionnaire and documentation required by ISNetworld®. Bayardo Safety LLC can help simplify the ISNetworld® process and take on the day to day management of ISNetworld® to ensure that your company is meeting all ISNetworld® health and safety verifications for company compliance. Bayardo Safety LLC is here to simplify the verification process for your company and seamlessly meet all ISNetworld® compliance requirements.

Account Management

By allowing Bayardo Safety LLC to take on the time management and meeting the challenging hurdles of ISNetworld® account management for your company, Bayardo Safety gives you the peace of mind and confidence that all ISNetworld® requirements are being met in a timely professional manner.

ISNetworld®® Account Setup & Maintenance includes but not limited to:
• Answer & Assist in Answering all or partial MSQ™ questions
• Upload COIs and Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) documents
• Write and upload contractor safety programs (RAVS®)
• Assist in creating and/or uploading OSHA 300 Logs
• Apply for variances when appropriate
• Supply Hiring Client / Owner Client specific documentation
• Upload site-tracker required data
• Assist/Answer ISN® and Hiring Client email request.
• Maintain and manage ISN® account compliance and new Hiring Client account connections
• Online Training Orientation simplified and monitoring of Training Qualifications and Operator Qualifications

OSHA Safety Programs

Bayardo Safety LLC will also help your company keep up with new and updated OSHA requirements for years to come by updating your company’s safety programs.

ISNetworld Consultant

Using an ISNetworld consultant can save both time and money for your organization. If you are new to ISNetworld® or have been a member for years let Bayardo Safety LLC take the stress of jumping through the hoops of compliance out of your workplace by allowing Bayardo Safety LLC to ISNetworld® expert client relation services and providing your company with all the tools required to meet 100% compliance with ISNetworld® hiring clients.

Contact us today to learn more on how Bayardo Safety LLC can help you met all ISNetworld® health safety and compliance needs that are constantly changing.

Bayado Safety LLC is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. *ISN®, ISNetworld®®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation.